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Famous at last

February 13, 2011

County Tops on the radio

The blog got a radio mention recently on RTE’s Mooney Show, as Eanna ní Lamhna explained how she had taken to the hills to climb to the highest point in her native Co. Louth, Slieve Foye.

Slieve Foye viewed from Barnavave Col, Carlingford, Co. Louth

Carlingford's Slieve Foye from below, near Barnavave col.

By coincidence I was listening in at the time so when I heard Eanna say she planned to walk to the highest point in each county the show got my un-divided attention. I was shocked when she went on to mention this blog as a great resource for anyone planning to do such a challenge.

With listener numbers of around 200,000 I was pleased to see some folks making their way over to the blog with the stats shooting up soon after the show to over three times the previous busiest day’s figures.

You can listen to a playback of the show here, starting from about the 9th minute. It’s a brief reference but I was delighted to hear the blog and the idea of walking the County Tops getting a little exposure among people who might just give it a go themselves.

Here, by the way, is my Carlingford walking route.

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